Fantastic Plastic Models

We buy them to build, Not buy them built!

Fantastic Plastic Models

Welcome to Fantastic Plastic Models. This is a website for plastic modelers to come together and show off their talents.

 We are free to join.

  We  will be showing people from all over  the world what you can do with a simple model kit. We encourage you to share some tips of the trade that you have picked up over the years. Helping out those who might be new to building models. We are aimed at helping all who are interested in the hobby of building plastic models.  We build everything, Cars, Tanks, Planes, Boats, Big Rigs, Space Ships, Motorcycles, Creature From the Black Lagoon, I don't care what you build, as long as it's a plastic kit. So if you are new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran, we want you here!

  This is a family oriented site. Abuse or fowl language will not be tolerateded. So come on in look around and join the fun.

  To join, just click on members. Click on the join tab. Make up a screen name. It's that easy! Please do not join if you are not enthusiastic about model building. (please don't  join, just to join)

Due to a very high volume of spam getting in the site, you must now use the 'contact us' button here at Fantastic Plastic Models and tell us that you want to be approved to become a member. Just simply ask. Please lets us know that you want to be a member be sure to fill out a complete profile so we can get to know you better. It was open to all until I got slammed with Viagra ads and what not. So now everyone has to be screened. You will be deleted if spam starts to pop up on site.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!